Sorry that didn?t wrote so long! Many things happened, but now I?m skateboarding!:) Well?at least I try!:D

Here you can see my try outs:



Zdjęcia plenerowe z nad Wisły (sobota, SP 190)




With school SP3 we were at excursion to Krakow region. At first we were in Kopalnia Soli w Wieliczce (http://www.kopalnia.pl/). You  can see it in those pictures where kids are licking salt walls. Well, I did almost the same.:)

The next day we explored Krakow, Old Town and Wawel Castle. It was long trip and my legs reminded me that I should take some exercises.:)

The last day we went to Ojców and there we saw some beautiful nature creation.

So, I am happy about that excursion and it was great time exploring that region. I would like to come back with my friends some day.:)

O! And in Wawel I met Daniela and her brother! We were in on-arrival and mid-term trainings with her. It was so nice meeting and I felt that my heart warms. Sometimes I miss something known.:)



here and there


Hello, my friends!


I was in Latvia from 1st- 13th of May. After 3 month here it was strange to return. And after 2 weeks there it was strange to come back to Poland. But it is really great opportunity to see yourself, to see things which you like and which you don?t. And in dream I saw that you can buy ?pelmeni? in every shop in Poland. Unfortunately it?s not true:)


You will see some pictures from Riga and I hope you will visit it someday.

Now I?m back, Sunday was my birthday but I was in bus to Poland. So I will travel all my next year of life:)


Yesterday Zenko was so nice and gave me as a present  ticket to PLANETE+ DOC FILM FESTIVAL. So we went to see film: ?Bert Stern, Original Madman?

I miss film festivals :)

Tank You Zenko!!!:)

Mid-Term Training


Mid-Term Training was held in Kazimierz Dolny from- 10-15?th of April. It was grate place and good opportunity to continue searching myself. I became more aware what would I like to do in my life and I think it could be vector of Music Video makingJ

Many of us there was scared about future, but trainers helped us and encouraged that everything will be ok in our ?AFTER EVS? life. But-still a little bit scared, he.

There is some pictures from our week:

one monday…


Colored paper is


something that describes my stay in Warsaw, because as I checked the pictures that we take at my activities, one thing is always the same: even if only in one tiny corner, but colored paper and kids fighting with glue and my instructions, always appear. So enjoy a new gallery of it :)

Last week I had two great achievements: with my seven years old gorup we arrived to our story that we are going to stage at the end of May – the story of Chicken Licken – and I went to every class that I had alone, without any translation. (ok, one day I took with me a Google Translate backup text).

And other great discoveries: I went to theater almost every evening since the 25th of March, because of the 32. Warsaw Theater Meetings, which didn’t offer many shows and programs, but I am satisfied with seeing a wide enough theatrical language from Poland. Special mention for: Utwór o Matce i Ojczyźnie by Jan Klata, Chor Kobiet at the Warsaw Theater Institution – if you have the chance, go and see both of their performances between the 20-22nd of April, and T.E.O.R.E.M.A.T. at TR Warszawa.

And of course, the greatest news of this week: I bought a bike, thanks to Pawel, our mentor. It doesn’t have a name yet, so I am open for suggestions. Until then just adore it: it is purple! :D




This picture i made this saturday:)